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Book Review || Educart CBSE Class 10 Social Science Question Bank 2021 || Question Bank || Latest Edition 2021.



Science CBSE Class 10 Question Bank for reduced (new) syllabus 2021 is the first complete self-prep book in India prepared for students in these testing times of COVID-19. This book covers everything a student would need to prepare for the upcoming board exams without much dependency on offline teaching as it focuses on the basics and covers most questions.

The key features of the book are covered below:

1. Objective Section Maps: An Educart exclusive for 2022, these objective section maps are created after reviewing more than 2000+ questions of CBSE papers to understand a common trend on types of theory and important points asked by CBSE that can be summarized in flowchart form for you to crack any type of objective question with ease. This really is a massive tool to benefit from.

2. Questions: Our questions are compiled by CBSE experts using all possible CBSE sources, both chapter-wise and sectionwise –

– New objective questions of all types
– CBSE papers from 2010 to 2020
– NCERT and NCERT Exemplar plus
– Diksha Platform selected best questions.
With all of this included, the question paper for 2021 will most likely come from this question bank!

3. Solutions: It does not matter whether the question is a Multiple ChoiceFill In the blank or VSA. Our solutions provide relevant detail (strictly within NCERT reduced syllabus theory) so you can prepare without even a textbook –
Explanations cover the basics and help you strengthen your understanding of a topic. The more time you spend on our solutions, the more you self-learn;
Related Theory tells what else one should know about that topic in question, so that you can answer ANY related question if they come in 2021 board exam.

HIGHEST – Level Recognition:
Recommended by Mr. TS Sudhir (Educator and Author of Saina Nehwal Autobiography) and many esteemed pan-india CBSE teachers and Youtube Educators like Paathshala, Edumantra and Dear Sir and Vedantu Master Teachers.

WHY – This book is in high demand?
 Firstly, last year almost 45% of CBSE Class 10 Board Paper of Science came from the Educart Science Sample papers book.

→ Exclusive chapter-wise Educart Objective Section Maps given at the beginning to easily be learn to answer any 1 mark new pattern VSA or Case-based Q MCQs.

→ Time management chart given to learn the trick of how to structure your 3 hours exam.

→ Related theory in selected important questions is given below the answer so you know what else can be asked in your board paper that’s related to that topic. An Educart proprietary exclusive feature!

→ Topper’s solved answer sheet to know how a topper who gets 99% marks answers the questions. Why miss out on such important offerings in a single book?


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