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Modern ABC Maths Book is the India first smart Book.

It is especially written by Prof. J.P Mohindru & Bharat Mohindru 


Why do we need to prefer modern ABC Maths-?


Doing Mathematics the Right Way’ is the Mantra of Prof. J.P. Mohindru, who has authored a number of books for the students and aspirants of different competitive examinations in India and abroad. Modern’s abc + of Mathematics for Class-XI— has been especially designed to inculcate in students the basic concepts, methods and logic of Mathematics easily. For better practice and keeping in line with the recent modifications, this edition has been revised, updated and graded with the latest syllabus, curriculum and guidelines laid down by different boards in India. The wide coverage makes this book essential for aspirants of IIT and other premier engineering colleges of our country. Key features of this book are:
• Solved examples and unsolved problems have been selected very carefully and graded properly.
• Keeping in view with the latest trends, the exercises have been divided into four categories viz., ‘Fast Track Answer Type Questions’, ‘Very Short Answer Type Questions’, ‘Short Answer Type Questions’ and ‘Long Answer Type Questions’.
• HOTS (Higher Order Thinking Skills) questions based on analytical skills have also been included.
• Questions from different boards of the country have also been incorporated.

 I will tell some basic interesting relevant features of this books are as under:-
1)Firstly,Modern ABC Maths have achieved great accomplishment award for Excellence in book production.

2) Secondly,It is fully comes in inheritance with strictly in accordance with the latest guidelines and syllabus including VBQ (Value Based Questions) which is issued by CBSE and NCERT. 
 3)Thirdly,It is fully up to dated and latest Edition 2021-2022                     
  • Book Name- Maths.
  • Author:- Prof. J.P Mohindru
  •  Publisher-Modern
  • Board Name-CBSE.
  •  Subject-Chemistry.
  •  Quality:-Fully Original.
 Without any hesitation any one can believe on the edition and book qualitiness and you can purchase for convenience needs, because the textual materials of this book has been represented in a sequence and subsequential orders and manners quickly it can be comparable by the learnes to make it learner’s eco-friendly in addition to full coverage of the contents,each chapter of the book includes illustrative investigation (activity)Solved Examples problem (with answerable and hints for selected Queries and also it contains with projects and extra circular activities.

“Why Modern ABC  Maths is best of all book and have got award of excellence”


The book has been designed topic and subtopic-wise, keeping the students’ needs in mind. The current edition has certain unique features:

Each chapter starts with a To Do list. It gives the central idea of the chapter and the way it has been addressed.

Each chapter is divided into several sections corresponding to different components of the syllabus.

Each chapter is splashed with HOTS. This is to promote clarity of the basics.

Focus Zones in each chapter present a crux of the concepts.

Blocks in each chapter include matter of special significance.

Power Points and Revision Window offer a quick glance of the subject matter.

‘Exercise’ is tuned to the pattern of examination. Answers to important questions focus on the technique of writing. The exercise includes:

objective type questions (remembering & understanding based questions), divided into five sections:

(a) multiple choice questions, (b) fill in the blanks, (c) true or false, (d) matching the correct statements, (e) ‘very short answer’

objective type questions

reason-based questions

HOTS & applications

analysis & evaluation

CBSE questions (with answers or reference to the text for answers)

NCERT questions (with hints to answers)

miscellaneous and add-on questions (with hints or reference to the text for answers)

Dos and Don’ts (at the end of each chapter) should serve as a safeguard against misinterpretation of the concepts.

Ability Zone is a uniquely designed section at the end of the chapter. This raises the difficulty level, of course, but should serve as a useful material for the outstanding learners.

Solved & Unsolved numericals are given to boost a grip on the subject.




By using easy, effective methods and factual summaries our books make it easy for you to grasp the lessons.

Questions That Matter

Questions That Matter

This book contain questions that have debuted in Board Exams and Compartment Papers before. And our in-house subject experts carefully select and compose questions that are most likely to be asked in exams.


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